I never had a problem with my first born and sleep....I figure it’s because I had all the time in the world to cuddle to sleep, to sit and wait until he fell asleep, to lie in with him mornings after a bad night of no sleep.....well, then came along my second. This is was not the case. I contacted Helen after I ended up feeling like I was going to lose the plot. My eldest would wait downstairs watching tv as I tried to get the baby to sleep. Sometimes taking over an hour.
From the first contact, Helen was professional and thorough. She had me fill in a questionnaire and then sent me a detailed ‘what to do’ - there were certain choices I could make myself but I tried to follow Helens advice to the dot. We decided to do slow retreat as I’m not a fan of ‘letting them cry it out’ and I was prepared for a few long weeks of hard work and patience. Well, I can’t say it was all easy but we did it and I’m so happy that nighttime is now not something I dread, thanks to Helen and her support. Some nights during the ‘sleep training’ I would email Helen and although I wasn’t really expecting an answer as she has a family and little ones herself, she would reply with words of encouragement and ‘don’t give ups.....’
Helen has tips I never would have thought may make a difference. Although my little one is a little older now, I still hear Helens advice in my head at bedtime.
I would recommend Helen - seriously. You won’t be disappointed!
Thank you Helen - I am forever in your debt ❤️❤️

Helen is friendly and approachable, but more than that she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her field. She is always at the end of the phone whenever I need her. Highly Recommended.  

Linzi - Essex

After sleep training my baby at 3 1/2 months, he took to it like a duck to water and was sleeping amazingly, until he hit 7 months.
Helen came to my rescue with a phone consultation, listening thoughtfully to our story and then catering her advice, hints and tips to our personal situation. Explaining why certain things where happening, as well as how to address them. She gave me a boost of confidence and a new burst of energy to tackle this phase. I am pleased to say that we are making great progress and with each little hiccup I have her voice in my head helping me through. Thank you Helen x

Vicky - essex

Emma - essex

Helens wealth of knowledge has proved invaluable!! She has helped me to gain control of bedtimes and reclaim my own sleep!!

My two year old is now in a much better place with sleep which has had massive impact on all of our family - I cannot recommend her enough to anyone considering using her consultancy services.

Ann - Somerset

I had a consultancy with Helen and have found it such a valuable thing to have done!
The advise and support she gave was so helpful and my 3 1/2 year old son, who took anywhere from 45 mins-1-1/2 hours to go off to sleep now goes off by himself with a max time of about 15 mins! Amazing! I'm so pleased! Thank you.