The Wonder Of Nap...

Sleep we all go through motions every day and hopefully you all get that much needed rest at night but do you ever stop and think about it in depth and how beneficial naps are to Young Children? 

For Children quality of sleep is as important as quantity, its plays an essential role in the development of your little ones nervous system. Naps as well as sleep at bedtime are crucial to healthy sleep of children. Naps help optimise your child's alertness and have impact on their learning & further development. Naps and bedtime sleep are very different to one another and both have their key factors. 

Lets face it I am sure their are many of you adults right now reading this who would love a nap but even though you would like this is it not a necessity like it is for young children, naps are a crucial player in the daily routine of little ones. 

Here are some benefits of Napping: 
1. Naps Supplement night time sleep where some children may have trouble sleeping

2. Children are less tired during the day which means they are more attentive, cooperative and willing to learn

3. Important brain development is properly fostered

4. Limits Children being over tired, which you may laugh but is a huge factor for children who have difficulty sleeping at night. Naps aid Bedtime. 

Sleep varies between ages groups: 

Under Six Months - average requirement is 14-18 hours with usual wakings being every few hours 

6-12 Months - around 14 hours is a good total - this would include 1-2 naps in day time 

1 - 3 Years Old - 12-14 Hours Now including 1 Nap Usually 

3 - 5 Years Old - 11-12 Hours - with only sleep at night and no Naps

5- 12 Years Old - 10-11 Hours - With only Sleep at night and No naps 

Making Naps part if your every day routine is important not only for the young child but also yourself as the parent, in this time you get to either nap yourself if your are having bad nights or it gives you opportunity to catch up on daily tasks and have a moment to yourself. A tired child can make for a stressful home, so Naps will help aid this. 

Create the perfect sanctuary for napping, when you know its time for your little ones nap follow these easy steps to make it a little easier: 

1. Make the Room as Dark as possible, you can buy Black out blinds or even cover the window yourself with card or bin bags (not aiming for style here) 

2. Put some white noise on or calming music, you can get machines that offer these sounds, sleep aids like teddies or simply put the sounds on a speaker or phone - Spotify and YouTube have great channels for such noises. Playing such sounds helps drown out other noises which may wake your little one plus it creates a lovely calm ambience. 

3. You can get some lovely Child safe sprays which have some lavender scents in, you can always spritz the room before your little one enters, this not only smells lovely but sets a chilled tone which is always helpful for nap time. 

We know sleeping and Naps are some times easy said then done, we know every child is different and we know getting a good routine in place is not always easy. This is why Helens Sweet Slumbers is here, we know parents need support and we have been trained to help little ones sleep better. So please do not struggle, get in contact today for a free consultation and we can discuss further making sleeping better all round.