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Hi, I'm Helen Carpenter. I am a Mum to two young children - Amy and Owen.

I have been in education for 23 years and currently work full time in a Special Needs School as a Multi-Sensory Impairment Tutor. I have a degree in deaf-blindness and used to provide respite care at weekends for children with severe learning difficulties and complex medical needs.

When I had my daughter, I soon realised how important good sleep is, for everyone in the family. Amy's sleep issues appeared when she was a toddler and I was pregnant with Owen. We struggled! After lots of reading I eventually realised with a basic and consistent routine, and some sleep skills, we all slept better. It's hard work for a short time but definitely worth it!

I have undertaken a comprehensive certified training programme and mentorship with Dana Obleman. Dana is one of the top two sleep trainers in the US. She founded 'The Sleep Sense Programme' and is a best-selling author. The programme has helped almost 100,000 families with a 99% success rate.

If you have already tried a few things and are still having issues get in touch and we can sort them out together.

I use phone, email and skype as well as in home consultations (locally) so can work with families around the world.